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By January 9, 2014 Hodge podge

Fifteen years ago I made a life choice to eat healthier because with my demanding job in the entertainment industry I was on a downward spiral, living off of caffeine, fatty foods and little sleep.  I knew I had to do something before I had a heart attack before I was thirty.  I stopped eating meat, drinking alcohol, and started working out.  The first few days I felt like I was going to die from hunger.  I really needed a drink of wine.  But, I realized that if I wanted to stick to eating this way I had to break out and find new foods.

One thing I didn’t count on: I was a tropical fish stuck in a lake.

I’m pretty open to foods, having lived abroad, but this was a different story entirely.  I was making a lifestyle change.

I would go to the grocery store and troll the tiny organic section of Publix, looking for foods I had never heard of, much less prepared.  What the heck is bulgar? Amino what that should be drizzled on all of my foods? Must I eat tofu everyday?

I downloaded recipes off the internet, and bought books praising vegetarian living.  I already enjoyed veggies more than meat, and often ate with the Hare Krishnas on my college campus.  But, I was never a complete vegetarian, much less VEGAN.


Yeah, this isn’t going to last.

Well, it did.  At least two months. I just couldn’t give up cheese. But, I was vegetarian for years.  I even made a tofurkey for Thanksgiving.  I have eaten a raw diet, a juice diet and everything in between. I learned how to cook quinoa, read a food label, and build an organic garden.

I’ve since fallen off the wagon and eat meat now, but still appreciate living a vegetarian lifestyle and make a lot of vegetarian food.  The one thing that I never gave up was eating healthy, and I will advocate for healthier choices all of the time.  I’m happy that I never gave up experimenting with new flavors, spices, and trying out new foods.

The lake I was stuck in turned into a river, and now it’s a sea.

This life is just too short to not enjoy good food.  Plus, I get to drink wine now, too.



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  • Active Travel Pro says:

    Love your blog! Question…have you found non-GMO corn starch? I hear corn is the WORST of foods for our bodies. Espeically the GMO stuff.

    Keep writing!

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